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Food Safety

Food safety programming is an integral component of healthy food systems due to new federal food safety legislation, concerns about food safety risks from fresh produce, an emphasis on increased fruit and vegetable consumption, interest in school gardens, farm to school, food preservation, and continuing increases in food consumed that is prepared away from home. In addition, federal, state and industry regulations and standards may require that individuals receive special training or certification regarding worker safety, quality assurance and environmental protection. Educational programs train consumers and food handlers in practices to preserve and serve safe food.

Dairy Education Programs for Health and Nutrition Professionals, Dairy Grocer Case Managers, and Consumers

Participants will learn and understand modern dairy practices and the role they play in assuring animal health and comfort, dairy product quality and safety, environmental stewardship and preservation, and sustainability.

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Training, Food Plant GAP Assessments and Transformation Planning

Gain a competitive advantage while producing save, quality food products and protecting your brand; understand and apply the mandates from FSMA; understand how to assess risks and validate preventive controls; develop a corporate food protection strategy based on hazard analysis.

Food Safety Training for Bulk Commodity Industries

Bulk commodity related industries will be able to create food safety preventive control plans, evaluate food safety plan cost and benefits, assess current gaps, and comply with regulation in an efficient way.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Training

Certification as HACCP trained; safety of the food supply.

Preserve the Taste of Summer

Increase awareness of food safety risks related to home food preservation


Ensure food prepared away from home is prepared safely in a clean and sanitary environment and by a trained workforce that follows best practices.

SafeFood© On Line for Concession Workers and 4-Hers at Food Stands

Ensure food prepared away from home is prepared safely in a clean and sanitary environment and by workers that follow best practices.

Workforce Food Safety - ServSafe®

Five year national certification by passing an exam with 75% correct answers