Food and Environment Programs

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Risk Management and Marketing

Global market conditions and increasing climate volatility contribute to increased risk for farmers. Educational programming and decision support software provide farmers with methods to evaluate market conditions, government programs, crop insurance, farm leasing arrangements, and how production systems impact risk exposure.

Commodity Marketing and Risk Management

Farm operators and owners will understand how to use commodity marketing tools, crop insurance, and USDA commodity programs to manage risk and enhance profits.

Management of Climate Risk in Agricultural Production and Marketing

The program participant will understand the nature of physical connections of the environment to the growth and development of crops and learn the skills needed to evaluate the impact weather conditions are exacting on crops locally and regionally. The participant will understand the concept of management of production and marketing risk according to probability associated with weather patterns and forecasts.

Margin Maker Risk Management Workshop for Cattle or Hog

Participants learn the fundamentals of how market risk management tools work and how to use these tools to secure a profitable gross margin in a cattle finishing or hog finishing enterprise.

Pro-Ag Updates

Agribusiness professionals will have current information about outlook conditions for farm commodities and other key topics of interest.

Understanding the Farm Bill

Farm operators, owners, and agribusiness professionals will make informed choices about options available under the Farm Bill.