Food and Environment Programs

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Environmental Protection and Enhancement

Protecting Iowa’s natural resources is essential to a sustainable agriculture based economy and for quality of life for all Iowans. Education, demonstration, and information programming address management decisions effecting farmed and natural landscapes as they relate to soil and water quality, conservation practices, tree management, recreational activities, energy efficiency, certification programs, and connecting youth and families with nature.

Building Local Leadership for Watersheds, Water Quality and Conservation

Improved understanding of, and stronger local leadership and visioning to address, local water, conservation and climate concerns.

Community Tree Steward Program

Participants will increase knowledge regarding tree biology, identification, care, soil interactions, pests and disease management, and other related topics. Participants volunteer at least 24 hours on conservation or tree-related projects within one year to qualify as a Community Tree Steward.

Environmental Issues Instruction: Climate Change and the Biosphere

K-12 teachers prepare and deliver instruction and projects in "state of the science" impacts of climate on living things to K-12 students

Farmland Drainage Education in Iowa

Participants design better drainage systems with a better understanding of water quality and farmland productivity constraints.

Improved Energy Management for Farmers

Crop and pork producers will become aware of cost-effective methods to reduce energy costs on their farm.

Iowa Learning Farms, Building a Culture of Conservation

Participants understand their role in building a Culture of Conservation. Focuses specifically on watershed education and soil/water quality awareness, and soil conservation and water quality-enhancing practices.

Manure Applicator Certification and Education

Participants will meet state requirements to haul and apply manure and gain valuable manure management knowledge.

Master Conservationist Program

The Master Conservationist Program aspires to create a community of passionate conservationists that are engaged in local communities advocating for conservation practices and policies to ensure a sustainable future for Iowa’s landscapes.

Nature Explore - Connecting Children with Nature

Participants learn strategies and skills to strengthen children's understanding of nature and science.

Small and Medium Feedlot and Dairy Environmental Improvement

Small and medium sized beef feedlot and dairy operators will adopt cost-effective practices that reduce the risk of water quality violations.

Soil and Water Conservation and Management

Participants will learn approaches to soil and water conservation that can be implemented into their or their client's farming operations that will improve soil and water quality and long-term profitability.