Food and Environment Programs

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Commercial Agriculture Production Efficiency and Productivity

Commercial agriculture production programs provide research-based information and education on economically viable commercial production of commodity crop and livestock producers. Field days, research reports, webinars, meetings, peer groups, decision support software, and on-farm research and consultation help farmers and agribusinesses stay current on latest trends and technologies to improve efficiency and sustainability. Emphasis is placed on long-term economically and environmentally optimal production systems.

Beef Cow-Calf Production, Management, and Marketing

Improved awareness of management practices and technologies available for improved nutrition, reproduction and reduced cost for beef cow-calf producers. Improved profitability, risk management, and stewardship.

Beef Feedlot Competitiveness and Stewardship Education

Improved efficiency, risk management and profitability, improved environmental and animal stewardship, and increased awareness of new technology and research.

Crop Production and Profitability

Increase the efficient use of inputs, IPM practices and non-traditional inputs; and improving crop management practices and efficiences

Current Issues in Grain Handling and Processing

Participants will understand the impact of current grain storage and/or usage issues.  Individual actions in response will be more science-based.

Dairy Decision Making Using Dairy Production Records Systems

Dairy producers and professionals will better understand dairy production records systems and utilize them to analyze their operations to enhance efficiency and profitability.

Dairy Production, Management, and Marketing Education

Dairy producers and professionals will better understand the practices that improve efficiency and profitability, optimize animal health and comfort, promote environmental stewardship, and enhance product quality and safety through programs on production, herd management and health systems, and dairy facilities design and management.

Fruit and Vegetable Production

Fruit and vegetable growers will enhance their crop management skills and learn of the latest and innovative research in fruit and vegetable crop production.

Organic Production in Iowa

Increase the number and variety of organic crops for local and export markets, capacity to process and distribute organic products, number of transitioning farmers, and number of farms using sustainable farming practices.

Pesticide Safety Education Program

Participants will meet requirements to be recertified to handle and apply pesticides.

Plant Protection

Farmers, dealers, and consultants will understand and implement pest resistance management strategies (Integrated Pest Management or IPM), resulting in fewer instances of pest resistance in the future, a longer life expectancy of pest management strategies, and more economically profitable and environmentally responsible crop production.

Quality Assurance Training and Certification for Pork Producers

Participants will learn best practices for animal handling, pharmaceutical storage and handling, and on-farm food safety, and earn certification.

Soil and Water Quality

Improve implementation of soil and water conservation practices. 

Swine Producer Services

Pork producers are assisted in evaluating important management decisions by extension specialists.

Swine Production and Management Education

Pork producers and professionals better understand the practices that improve profitability, pork quality, food safety, and animal comfort.