Economic Development Programs

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Company Productivity

Productivity programming provides companies the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to increase their organizational productivity capacity, exceed customer expectations, grow markets and improve their bottom line to improve the economic performance of the local economy. Programs address multiple segments of business and industry from agricultural equipment manufacturers to local meat/food product processors, from commercial construction contractors to information technology service providers.

Lean Enterprise and Lean Culture

Improves quality, cost and delivery performance; reduces manufacturing lead time; proactively engages employees in business process improvement.

Quality Systems Management

Improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs through continuous improvement; create increased quality awareness among employees.

Supporting Services and Technologies for BioProcess Industries

Client will develop accurate, rapid measurement systems to characterize products and co-products; match customers needs, improve process efficiencies, and inventory management.  Examples: Assistance in calibration and testing protocols; Testing/analysis for internal process control and trade specifications; Assistance to set up validated on site methods or applications, evaluation, calibration or modification of equipment for specific applications, instrument evaluation or development. Clients will receive test results for grain and grain product samples submitted to the Iowa State University Grain Quality Laboratory.