Economic Development Programs

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Company Growth

Company Growth programming focuses on delivering resources to companies with a goal of maximizing their competitiveness, profitability, and long-term viability. Resources are delivered through technical assistance and educational programs. Assistance is provided to those in the for-profit, nonprofit, manufacturing, and service sectors.

Biobased Products

Opportunity for company growth by enhancing the ability to sell products to federal agencies and their contractors; increase sales by selling to environmentally motivated customers; improve the environmental footprint of the company by using biobased products in operations.

Business Development Services: Startup and Existing Businesses

Feasibility Studies - Analyses and evaluation to assist in the decision-making process and procurement of bank loans and USDA loan guarantees. Market Analyses - Sector-specific, in-depth market statistics and analyses. Business Plan Development - Assistance in business plan development; the first step in business start-up, expansion, and diversification.

Government Contracting

Increase sales and profitability by capturing sales of goods and services to local, state, and federal government. Businesses learn if they are suitable for the government market.

Product Design and Product Testing

Increase profitability; maximize the probability of designing a successful product; can lead to innovative products that increase sales and profit margins; receive data to assess product reliability, performance or safety; reduce warranty costs; obtain objective and accurate benchmark of product attributes.

Supply Chain Management

Increase supplier performance including quality and on-time delivery; improve customer satisfaction through faster, more reliable performance; decrease costs of parts; reduce inventory; reduce time spent "firefighting"; improve internal decisions and communication.