Economic Development Programs

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Workforce Development

Workforce development programming focuses on improving the skills and performance of employees and owners – leading to overall improvements in business performance and increased quality of child care.

Child Care Workforce Training: Better Kid Care New Staff Orientation

The New Staff Orientation (NSO) program provides new center and preschool staff a full, program-based orientation that can be initiated immediately, on-site, and with director supervision and input.

Child Care Workforce Training: Early Learning Workshops

Improved knowledge and skill in teaching and caring for young children

Child Care Workforce Training: Environmental Rating Scale

Interested in improving the quality of your child care program in a fun and interactive way? Learn how to use Environment Rating Scales to assess and improve the quality of child care programs. You’ll be guided step-by-step through helpful changes that make a difference in your work with children.

Child Care Workforce Training: Family Life

Learn strategies to teach and care for young children.

Child Care Workforce Training: Finance

Improve your knowledge and skills in teaching and caring for young children and develop strategies for a secure financial future.

Child Care Workforce Training: Growing Up Wild

Wiggling worms and giggling children — that’s what you can expect with this wildlife education session! You’ll examine ways to build and nurture children’s sense of wonder about nature, wildlife, and the great outdoors.

ServSafe® Certified Food Protection Manager Course

Whether you are a food service manager or an employee, using current best practices in safe food handling is essential to keep your food establishment in compliance and protect the health of both customers and staff. You’ll have the opportunity to take an exam to be certified as a Food Protection Manager.

Workforce Strategies

Rural communities may need to adopt a variety of different approaches to deal with their low unemployment, slow growth, and declining population.