Economic Development Programs

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Workforce Development

Workforce development programming focuses on improving the skills and performance of employees and owners – leading to overall improvements in business performance and increased quality of child care.

Child Care Workforce Training: Better Kid Care New Staff Orientation

Child care facility directors develop a New Staff Orientation implementation plan, learn how to give effective feedback to staff, learn how to assist staff in developing an effective professional development plan, and earn points towards the Iowa Child Care Quality Rating System. Child care staff observe, practice, and discuss skills required for providing high quality child care, learn how to communicate effectively wiht supervisors and coworkers, and create a professional development plan.

Child Care Workforce Training: Early Learning Workshops

Improved knowledge and skill in teaching and caring for young children

Child Care Workforce Training: Eco-Healthy Child CareĀ®

Early Care and education professionals learn strategies to reduce indoor and outdoor environmental toxins in preschool and child care settings.

Child Care Workforce Training: Environmental Rating Scale

Providers demonstrate in-depth understanding of quality criteria for early childhood programs, identify and prioritize changes needed for quality improvements, identify financial and community support needed to successfully implement changes, and earn points towards the Iowa Child Care Quality Rating System.

Child Care Workforce Training: Family Life

Early Care and education professionals learn strategies to teach and care for young children.

Child Care Workforce Training: Finance

Improved knowledge and skills in teaching and caring for young children; improved knowledge to develop strategies for a secure financial future

Child Care Workforce Training: Growing Up Wild

Participants learn strategies and skills to strengthen children's understanding of nature and science and appreciation for the outdoor environment.

Training Within Industry (TWI)

Reduce training time by more than 25%; improve morale and reduce turnover; increase productivity.

Workforce Food Safety - ServSafeĀ®

Five year national certification by passing an exam with 75% correct answers