Human Sciences Specialist, Nutrition & Health


Family Health and Nutrition

Additional Biographical Information: 

Healthy People have been an interest for Barb Fuller throughout her professional career.  From food safety concerns to making healthy food choices, Barb is able to bring nutrition expertise to a wide range of audiences. A growing awareness of local foods and regional food systems is an emerging area of emphasis for her work.
Delivering unbiased, research-based health and nutrition information to people at the community level is Barb’s mission, creating healthy life-style choices, her goal.    

Montgomery County Extension400 Bridge Street, Suite 2
Red Oak, IA 51566
Counties Served: 
Adair, Adams, Cass, Clarke, Decatur, Fremont, Harrison, Mills, Montgomery, Page, Pottawatamie, Ringgold, Taylor, and Union
Housed In: 
Montgomery County
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