Start To Farm New Farmer Learning Network

Join our community of beginning farmers. Our peer networks are for new farmers who want to enhance their farm business success and develop a network with other beginning farmers and farmers with a common interest. Workshop will be  February 15, 2017 at Norma Anders Public Library 320 Main St Dysart, IA we will start at 6:30pm and will feed and market a couple of groups of cattle before ending the evening.
Ryan Drollette will lead the session using the Margin Marker computer lab. In teams you will purchase, feed and market a couple pens of cattle and implement risk management tools to do so. The program has real world scenarios based on a couple prior marketing years. You will see the futures and cash markets and several points in time to make your risk management decisions.
While this scenario uses fed cattle markets to demonstrate the process, the tools apply to fedder calves and grain as well as fed cattle. It gives you the chance to purchase a risk management tool and see exactly how the protection works in a real situation (but without risking real money!)
For more information contact Denise Schwab 319-721-9624

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