Clover Kids

Tama County Clover Kids for Grades K-3

Tama County has 4 dedicated Clover Kids Clubs, Gladbrook Clover Kids, Buckingham Boosters Clover Kids, Clutier Clover Kids, and Tama-Toledo Clover Kids.  Each of these groups has its own meeting date and time. Other county 4-H clubs have Clover Kids who attend meetings with other 4-H members during the regular meeting times and participate with the 4-H members. 

For more information on Clover Kids in Tama county, please contact Jenny Hulme at our office 641-484-2703 or Enrollment begins on September 1. There is no registration fee for Clover Kids however your club may request a small fee to help cover supplies. 

Enrollment is completed online (English)

Enrollment is completed online (Spanish)