SWITCH Success

May 14, 2018
Ann Torbert

SWITCH schools have had amazing successes this year.  We have heard stories of students trying and liking kiwi, students making technology traps as a way to decrease screen time and students who simply moved more.  Here is one story to highlight how simple pedometers got students to move more.

Easton Valley, located in Eastern Iowa, chose to use some of it's SWITCH funds for pedometers.  The goal simply was to get students to be more active.  Research shows that students who are more active tend to do better academically.  Easton started a walking club.  An Easton Valley mom shared this story, 


"I just want to share with you about the changes I see from the SWITCH program with my own daughter.  About a month ago, Emily was insisting we get to school earlier.  Finally, I asked her if she was really supposed to be in the building that early and her response was, “YES!”.  She explained she wanted to come early so she could walk and get in more steps for the day.  We were talking a couple days ago about what she wants for her birthday and all she wants is a pedometer so she can keep track of her steps during the summer.  She has also mentioned during recess many of her classmates (and herself) walk/run during the whole time to see how many steps they can get in that short time.  I think these changes are wonderful!  I just wanted to share the few things I am seeing as a parent.  Great job to everyone!  Now, can you work on getting her to eat more vegetables... "



The story from Easton Valley continues to grow.  The students were attempting to walk enough steps to collectively travel to Miami, Florida.  If they had enough steps, a great party awaited them.  Yes, they made it.  

Here is some pictures from the Easton Valley SWITCH beach party they help after meeting their goal of getting enough steps to walk to Miami. Students also were able to try new fruits such as papaya, mango and jicama.  They spent the entire day (an early out day) doing physical exercise and enjoying the outdoors.  Easton Valley is back with SWITCH for the 2018-2019 school year.  Sign up today!children at sandbox


trying out new fruit