NE Hamilton Shares SWITCH Experience

May 21, 2018
Cindi Sweedler with the SWITCH team

Northeast Hamilton entered SWITCH this year uncertain what we were doing but finished ecstatic over all we accomplished in promoting overall health of our students and staff! We LOVE the SWITCH program and it's content, giving us the needed tools for educating important life habits. Having the partnership of Leah Feltz, with Hamilton County's ISU Extension, was a godsend. We weren't sure if the students were grasping the concepts early on, but soon found them requesting more fun facts in the lunch room, sharing in the classroom and hallways what they SWITCHED; drinking more water and challenging more to participate in our walking program.

At the end of the hallway is our school entrance where we posted the question of the attached picture, making it our mantra to ask every day. Posting on our school and 4H social media sites brought awareness to our parents, community and other school districts of our fun healthy initiatives. Our final celebratory luau at lunchtime was a major hit - they already are anticipating what we can do for next year's SWITCH program. We can't thank the ISU SWITCH team enough for creating this amazing program!

So after this review... has your signed your school up?  It isn't too late!  We still have Elementary and Middle School spots remaining for our grant funded program.