Healthy Travel Snacks

November 19, 2018
Ann Torbert

Many families are getting ready to travel for various holidays.  Families who get hungry are tempted to stop for unhealthy snacks at a local convenience stores.  When snacking we want to offer snacks that help meet a child's daily nutritional needs. Consider offering  healthy options and allow kids to pack a Bento box for the next road trip.  Ideas to consider: A dip (like nut/seed butter, hummus, salsa), crunch (like pretzels, crackers, popcorn or rice cakes), fruit (berries, clementines, grapes) and vegetables (pea pods, carrots, bell pepper strips) and a small sweet (dried fruit, chocolate chips, granola bar, pudding). Hydration is also important too - fill and label water bottles for your road trip.  Finally, practice good food safety.  Pack boxes in coolers with ice packs Safe travels and happy snacking!

Bento box idea