Healthy Food Ideas During Sport Season

April 29, 2018
Ann Torbert



student writing                                                             

The SWITCH team visited and taught at a pilot project in Southern Iowa, A Healthy Youth Summit for SWITCH Schools.  Local Extension Specialists secured grants, contacted guest speakers (including a chef), and had over 30 youth and their teachers in attendance.  Students were super excited about a Professional Development day, just for them.  In an activity led by Healthy Living Specialist and SWITCH Coordinator, Laura Liechty, youth brainstormed what was going well in the areas of Do, View, and Chew.  They shared what needs to be strengthened in Do, View and Chew.  This note mentioning the challenges of eating well during sports season, is the reason for this blog post. 

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Have you ever heard of ... frozen sandwiches?!  Seriously.  Frozen Sandwiches.  This publication, Freezing sandwiches,  written by our colleagues at University of Nebraska Extension is a great way to start getting healthier meals in the afterschool athletes at your house.  Make sure when packing the sandwiches, include some chopped veggies or fresh fruit  and water. It is small steps that make the difference.