Volunteer Resources

The mission of the Story County Volunteer program is to strengthen Story County citizens as learners, teachers, and leaders through volunteer opportunities. 

Why Volunteer? 

  • Give back to your community 
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment and self-worth
  • Supports programming for future generations

Who Can Volunteer? 

  • Men, Women, and Teens are invited to join our volunteering team
  • Everyone offers a valuable contribution when volunteering

Basic Expectations

  • Complete a background check
  • Contribute in any way you feel comfortable or physically acceptable
  • Willingness to provide for the community
  • Support and educate in any of our four program areas

Volunteer Opportunities

Through Story County Extension and Outreach, there are multiple volunteering opportunities in each of our four areas of 4-H & Youth, Agriculture & Environment, Business & Community, and Families & Healthy Living. Some examples of these volunteering opportunities in each of the four areas are:

The vision for Story County Extension & Outreach volunteer program is to strengthen the citizens of Story County as learners, teachers, and leaders through volunteer opportunities such as the examples listed above. Our many programs in each of our four areas provide educational based topics that help community members learn, as well as provide fun for children and families.

Service Enterprise certified

To learn more about volunteering, contact us by calling 515-337-1601. 

Have questions, new volunteer suggestions, or looking for different ways to utilize your skills to volunteer? 

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