4-H Awards

Story County 4-H Awards:  Here is all the information and forms you may need to apply for an award. For any questions, please contact Jess Soderstrum, County 4-H Youth Coordinator at 515-382-6551 or jlsoder@iastate.edu.
Important Dates:
Applications Due: September 15
Interviews for Top County Award Applicants: Scheduled in October
Awards Program:  November 10
General Information:
Summary of All Awards Available
Communication, Citizenship, and Leadership Activity Examples
Club Award
Kiwanis 4-H Club Citizenship Award Application
Club Officer Applications (leaders sign these forms)

Individiual Awards
Club Achievement (completed by club leaders)
Participation Application (completed by 4-H’er, co-signed by leader)
Project Awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald) Information and Applications:
Project Awards Available
Project Award Requirements Summary
*Story County 4-H Record (this is the record keeping form to submit with your application)

Top County Awards Information and Applications:
All Overall Awards Summary
Organize Support Material
Application for Top County 4-H Achievement Awards
Application for Top County Project Awards
Livestock Achievement Rubric

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