Story County Extension & Outreach Master Gardeners Graduate, Awards Given

Graduation was held on Monday, March 18, 2019 for individuals who met the Master Gardener class requirements offered through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.  Current Master Gardeners were presented with awards for their volunteer efforts during 2018 and participants of the 2018 Fall Master Gardener class were recognized as Interns.  The Story County Master Gardener Association along with Story County Extension and Outreach hosted the evening program and dinner at Reiman Gardens in Ames.
Master Gardener Interns who completed their required 40 hours of volunteer service received name badges and pins recognizing them as Master Gardeners. 
Persons becoming Master Gardeners:
Paola Sepulveda                                       
Nora Nelson (not pictured)                                   
The following participants of the Fall 2018 class were recognized as Master Gardener Interns:
Carol Kenton                                      
Breanna Marmur                                                 
Deborah Tootle
Other interns (not pictured)
Angie Kolz                                             Lisa Bates                                                          Dennis Colver
Becky Lamkey                                      David Stein                                                         Matt Darbyshire
Megan Klein-Hewett                             Shannon Kooima                                                Nathan Willard
Donna Stark                                         Gretchen Henningsen
To remain an Active Master Gardener, a volunteer must log at least twenty hours of volunteer service and ten hours of continued education every year.  Many people volunteer well above the required hours.  Service pins are awarded for 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000 career hours. Many individuals are very close to these milestones and will receive pins after this year of volunteering.

500 2000  
Deb Mitchell
Diane Nelson
Martha Colony Smith 446
Andrea Dorn 484
Vaughn Speer
Ann Melvin
Tom Jordan 1978 
Nan Ripley 1954

Bronwyn Frame was recognized as Oustanding Master Gardener, for her continued involvement in the Story County Master Gardener Association. 

The event also included a presentation from Adam Janke, Assistant Professor at Iowa State University and Wildlife Specialtist titled "Bringing Nature Home". Adam focused on native species over generations and how to incorporate beneficial species of plants into your landscape.
Special thanks were given to the Story County Master Gardeners for their assistance in planning the meal. The hospitality committee provided drinks and dessert for the evenng. Dinner was catered by Lincoln Center HyVee, Ames.
The purpose of the program is to provide sound horticultural information to the citizens of Iowa through the volunteer efforts of ISU Master Gardeners. Across the state, Iowa Master Gardeners provided over 119,675 hours of volunteer service. That is 59 Full Time Employee equivalents worth over $2.7 million! In 2016 Story County Master Gardener’s logged 7,654  volunteer hours, 1,008 Continuing Education hours and made contact with over 19,000 people!  They completed projects at libraries, churches, city parks, the County Fair and State Fair, assisted living facilities, school gardens, and prairie reserves. To do this, it took partners like United Way, Reiman Gardens, the Iowa Arboretum, schools, cities and civic and community groups. The Master Gardener volunteer is dedicated to sharing their knowledge and their love of all things gardening.
For more information regarding the Master Gardener Program,  visit   or by calling the Story County office at 515-382-6551.

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