Story County 4-H Awards Day

Jess Soderstrum, County Youth Coordinator
November 10, 2020
Nevada, IA| On November 8, 2020, Story County 4-H Youth and their families gathered virtually to celebrate their achievements for the 2019-2020 4-H Year. 4-H Youth have the opportunity to complete project award applications in over fifty project areas in the 4-H Program. Story County 4-H awarded 29 project awards to 23 different youth, 11 Outstanding/Overall Awards to 4 youth, and 11 Officer Awards.
Owen “John” Kalsem, of Huxley, was recognized as the Story County 4-H Hall of Fame inductee, Melea Licht, of Roland, was awarded as Story County 4-H Volunteer of the Year, the 2020-2021 Story County 4-H Youth Council was inducted, and several volunteers and graduates were given recognition at the event.  Listed below is Award recipients:
Cooper Arkovich: Horticulture, Silver ; Personal Development, Bronze; Woodworking, Bronze.
Chayce Armes: Outstanding Recreation Leader
Olive Armes: Outstanding Secretary
Zachary Campbell: Leadership, Gold; Self-Determined, Emerald; Overall Project Award: Communications; Overall project Award: Science, Engineering, & Technology.
Chiara Chappell: Outstanding Reporter; Outstanding Treasurer.
John Dirks: Outstanding Photographer; Food & Nutrition, Bronze.
Kalie Fink: Outstanding President
Sam Fink: Outstanding Recreation Leader
Madison Geater: Communications, Silver; Health, Bronze; Science, Engineering, & Technology, Bronze; Sewing & Needle Arts, Bronze; Outdoor Adventures, Silver    
Nathan Geater: Food & Nutrition, Silver; Leadership, Bronze; Science, Engineering & Technology, Gold.
Jaclyn Gessner: Dog, Gold.         
Dillon Hanlon: Dog, Bronze; Overall Project Award: Consumer Management; Overall Project Award: Excellence in Family & Consumer Science.
Caleb Hartsook: Danforth “I Dare You” Leadership Award; Harper Agriculture Award; Woodworking, Emerald.
Lucas Hartsook: Meat Goat, Silver.
Curtis Hinzman: Outstanding Historian.
William Licht: Communications, Silver; Woodworking, Bronze.
Avery Mather: Outstanding President
Julia Mortvedt: Dog, Silver; Goat, Bronze; Poultry,  Silver; Small Pet/Cat, Bronze; Visual Arts, Silver.
Ellie Nebel: Home Improvement, Bronze.
Stuart Nebel: Home Improvement, Bronze; Woodworking, Bronze.
John Nelson: Outstanding Vice-President
Lauralee Thach: Overall Project Award: Communications; Overall Project Award: Clothing; Overall Project Award: Excellence in Science, Art, & Personal Development; Overall project Award: Sewing; Overall Achievement Award: Outstanding Citizen.
Jayden Tucker: Outstanding Reporter
Lucas Wuebker: Woodworking, Silver

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