Kids in the Kitchen Program scheduled in Colo

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen Program is being held Monday, February 12 at the Colo Community Center.  The program is for youth in grades 4-6.  Participants will learn about food groups and kitchen safety as youth prepare a taco lunch and make three cakes to share with their guests at the end of the program. 
The program is being offered in partnership with the Colo Public Library and Story County ISU Extension and Outreach.  Registration is $25 payable to Story County Extension and the program is limited to 25 youth. 

Registration Form
For Non-4-H Members - Medical Release Form

For questions, contact Mary Wilkins, Youth Outreach Coordinator, at or 515-382-6551 or Stephanie Woodhouse, Children’s Librarian, at or 641-377-2900.

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