2020 Online Babysitting Basics Videos and Worksheets

Student Guide and Worksheet

Student Guide
Modified Student Guide Worksheets


First Aid, Hands Only CPR, and Choking Emergencies Videos

These videos help provide a basic understanding of steps to take in related health or emergency situations. Never practice these skills on a person. Only implement if needed during an emergency. Note, these videos do not provide First Aid and CPR certification. First Aid and CPR certification requires additional time for training through a program of your choice.
First Aid for Kids Video
Hands Only CPR Video
First Aid for Choking Emergencies Video

Ages & Stages

Ages & Stages Worksheet
First 12 Months
12 to 18 Months
18 to 24 Months
2 Year Olds
3 Year Olds
4 Year Olds
5 Year Olds
6 to 8 Year Olds

Parent/Infant Videos for Infant Care

Parent/Infant Preparing to Change a Diaper Video
Parent/Infant Dressing an Infant/Toddler Video

Additional/Optional Reference Material

Story County Emergency Phone Numbers
Understanding Children Toys
Basic Tips Child Care Providers Can Use to Guide Children's Behavior
Spend Smart. Eat Smart Recipes

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