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Follow these three easy steps to enroll in Clover Kids!


1. Choose a Club

Story County Clover Kids Club List

Story County has a variety of clubs to choose from based on your location, age or interests! Below is a link to our list of club leaders. Make contact with them to learn more about their club, get your name on their member list and to stay up to date with club meetings, dates, times, expectations and announcements!

For more information on Clover Kids Clubs contact Story, County 4-H Youth Coordinator at

2. Enroll in 4-HOnline

4-H Online Website

To make sure you are receiving all information about Story County 4-H activities, make sure you enroll in the 4HOnline database. If you need help creating an account or understanding how to use 4HOnline, help sheets are available below or you may call 515-337-1601 or stop by the Extension Office and we will help you!

4-HOnline Help Sheets
4-HOnline Club Leader Login Helpsheet

*There is a program development fee due once you have completed your profile in 4-HOnline.

3. Participate

Attend your first club meeting and participate in club activities, make new friends, exhibit at the county fair, and much more!


What is Clover Kids?

Clover Kids is a fun 4-H program specifically designed for children in kindergarten through third grade.  The overall purpose of the Iowa 4-H Clover Kids program is to foster the development of life skills that are essential for the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical maturation of kindergarten through third graders by providing a unique, age-appropriate educational opportunity.

In order to provide a high quality learning experience, the Clover Kids program is designed to be continuous and long-term.  For this reason, Clover Kids groups meet on a regular basis.  In addition to Clover Kids, the Iowa 4-H program offers a variety of experiences and activities that children in kindergarten through third grade are eligible to participate in. 

What do Clover Kids do?

  • Investigate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
  • Explore literacy through fun and engaging ways to read and write
  • Learn the importance of being healthy and physically active
  • Practice communication skills and learn to work as a team
  • Play fun cooperative games and make new friends
  • Participate in developmentally appropriate opportunities at county fair
  • And much, much more!!


Clover Kids & The Fair

What Fair exhibits and activities can Clover Kids participate in?

Clover Kids can exhibit Bottle Goats, Bottle Lambs, Bottle Calves, Rabbits, Pets, Poultry, Dogs, and four Static Exhibits! 

*Clover Kids must also enter their Exhibits into Fair Entry by June 15th*

Clover Kids may also participate in the Clothing and Communications Contest held in March each year!

Visit our County Fair Page for more information

Story County Fair