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Shouse, Shawn

Address:53020 HITCHCOCK AVE
LEWIS, IA  51544-4058
Phone:(712) 769-2650
Fax:(712) 769-2610
Program Area(s):Agriculture
Base Region:18
Base County:Cass
Counties Served:Adair, Adams, Audubon, Carroll, Cass, Clarke, Crawford, Decatur, Fremont, Greene, Guthrie, Harrison, Mills, Montgomery, Page, Pottawattamie - East, Pottawattamie - West, Ringgold, Shelby, Taylor, Union
Area(s) of Expertise:Ag odor/air quality; Composting; Drainage; Energy Conservation; Energy Efficiency; Farm Buildings; Farm Safety; Grain Drying; Grain Storage; Grazing Water Systems; Hay storage; Home Energy; Home indoor air quality; Home maintenance; Livestock buildings; Manure Handling; Manure Management; Mold; Open Feedlot Design; Private Wells & Water Supply; Septic systems; Soil compaction; Tillage; Ventilation; Water Quality

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