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FFA Agriscience Fair FAQ

Do FFA Members participating in the Iowa FFA Agriscience Fair need to wear Official Dress?

Students are NOT required to wear Official Dress during the Friday Afternoon Iowa FFA Agriscience Fair judging; however it is encouraged--this will make it easier for the Iowa FFA Agriscience Fair judges to quickly find your project.  

Will I have other judges besides the Iowa FFA Agriscience Fair judges on Friday Afternoon?

Probably -- Special Award judges will be reviewing projects at the same time.  It is customary at the SSTFI that judges will take turns speaking to you and will wait until a set of judges is finished, come back later, or join in  the current discussion. 

When will Iowa FFA Agriscience Fair Awards be given?

ALL FFA Agriscience Fair awards will be given at the Grand Award Ceremony.  

Who should sign as Adult Sponsor if two teachers have monitored the project?

This is up to the Agricultural Education Instructor and the Science Instructor at each school.  Typically the Science Instructor (if they were the main person monitoring the project) would sign your paperwork as Adult Sponsor.  However, if the Agricultural Education Instructor was the sole adult supervisor they should be the one to sign the paperwork.  The SSTFI Officials will not care -- in the event that a student would earn a trip to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair the Adult Sponsor that has signed the paperwork will be the person named to attend with the student (however this can be changed). 

The SSTFI allows teams to have up to 3 members, can Iowa FFA Agriscience Fair teams be teams of 3?

NO.  The National FFA Agriscience Fair Rules only allow teams of 2.  Since we will be advancing projects to this level team projects wanting to participate in the Iowa FFA Agriscience Fair will only be allowed 2 team members.