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SSTFI Display and Safety Committee

The State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa Scientific Review Committee and Display and Safety Committee will examine ALL displays to ensure they are in compliance with these safety regulations!

The SSTFI Display & Safety Committee is the final authority on display and safety issues for projects approved by the SRC to compete in the SSTFI.  Occasionally the SSTFI Display and Safety Committee may require students to make revisions in their display to conform to display and safety regulations.

Allowed at Project, BUT with the Restrictions Indicated

  • Soil, sand, rock and/or waste samples if permanently sealed in a slab of acrylic
  • Postal, Web and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers of finalist only.
Do Not place acknowledgements on the display board!
  • Photographs and/or visual depictions if:

They are not deemed offensive or inappropriate by the Scientific Review Committee, the Display and Safety Committee, or the SSTFI Board of Directors.

Fair Day Instructions/Forms for SRC & DSC Violations

The process for Scientific Review Committee (SRC) and Display and Safety Committee (DSC) violation checks are completed during the set-up times on Thursday afternoon. To familiarize yourself with procedures please be sure to review this page carefully. 

The Thursday Project Approval Process will go much faster if there are no violations to begin with. Before attending the fair please take a moment to complete the checklists yourself and make sure you will be readily cleared for judging!

Electrical Regulations at the SSTFI

  • Any project needing electricity MUST mark the appropriate section of the on-line entry form.
  • All projects requesting electricity will be charged a $15 fee per outlet required.
  • Finalists requiring electrical circuits must provide a UL-listed 3-wire extension cord which is appropriate for the load and equipment.

Items Required to be Visible at the Project

  • Abstract (displayed vertically -- does not have to be attached to the backdrop but must be visible in the display area!)
  • Official Exhibit Number (provided at SSTFI registration/set-up)
  • SRC/Display and Safety Signature Form (provided by SSTFI Officials)
  • Regulated Research Institutional/Industrial Setting Form (1C) - if applicable (displayed vertically at the project)
  • Continuation Project Form (7)-if applicable (displayed vertically at the project)

General Display and Safety Information and Requirements

  • The State Science + Technology Fair of Iowa, the Scientific Review Committee and/or the Display and Safety Committee reserve the right to remove any project for safety reasons OR to protect the integrity of the SSTFI and its rules and regulations.
  • No changes, modifications, or additions to projects may be made after approval by the Display and Safety Committee and the Scientific Review Committee.
  • A project data book and research paper are not required but are highly recommended.

SRC and IRC Basic Information

Local SRCs should be formed to assist an ISEF Affiliated Fair SRC in reviewing and approving projects. The operation and composition of the local SRCs must fully comply with the Intel ISEF Rules.

NOTE: it is required that ALL projects involving humans, animals, potentially hazardous biological agents, and hazardous chemicals, activities or devices be approved before experimentation!

If you do NOT have a local SRC/IRB please contact the fair director before students begin experimentation.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB)

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee that, according to federal regulations (45-CFR-46), must evaluate the potential physical or psychological risk of research involving human subjects. All proposed human research must be reviewed and approved by an IRB before experimentation begins. This includes any surveys or questionnaires to be used in a project.

IRB Additional Expertise

If the IRB needs an expert as one of its members and one is not in the immediate area, then documented contact with an external expert is appropriate and encouraged. A copy of the correspondence (e.g. email, fax, etc.) should be attached to Form 4 and can be used as the signature of that expert.