Revised Registration System is Now Open

January 26, 2018

SSTFI is excited to announce that the new registration system is open and ready to serve our exhibitors and partners more efficiently. The new system allows a one-stop shopping system where registration serves for both regional fairs and the state fair. Students will be able to upload all paperwork to the site and make updates as needed. Please make sure you register for all fairs that you will participate in and pay attention to deadlines for fairs you register for. With these changes there is a chance for bugs and we apologize in advance if you encounter any and ask you to email with any issues or questions. Tutorial videos are available at the following links:

Teacher Tutorial:                                                                                           Student Tutorial:

For uploads, the best practice that has emerged is to scan all documents in to one PDF file and then upload that file. Students can manage all their own files within the system. The SSTFI team will monitor progress and look for common questions and prepare a response to these questions and will share them out through FAQs or with a webinar. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you at the fair soon.