General Display and Safety Information and Requirements

  • The State Science + Technology Fair of Iowa, the Scientific Review Committee and/or the Display and Safety Committee reserve the right to remove any project for safety reasons OR to protect the integrity of the SSTFI and its rules and regulations.
  • No changes, modifications, or additions to projects may be made after approval by the Display and Safety Committee and the Scientific Review Committee.
  • A project data book and research paper are not required but are highly recommended.
  • Display of photographs other than that of the student must have a photo release signed by the subject, and if under 18 years of age, also by the guardian of the subject.  Sample consent text: "I consent to the use of visual images (photos, videos, etc.) involving my participation/my child's participation in this research."
  • Finalists using audio-visual or multi-media presentations (for example, 35mm slides; videotapes; images, graphics, animations, etc., displayed on computer monitors; or other non-print presentation methods) must be prepared to show the entire presentation to the Display and Safety inspectors before the project is approved.
  • If a project fails to qualify and is not removed by the Finalist, SSTFI Officials will remove the project in the safest manner possible, but is not responsible for damage to the project.
  • Any copies of CD’s, disks, printed materials designed to be distributed to judges or members of the public which are confiscated by the Display and Safety Committee will be discarded and will not be returned to the Finalist.
  • Project sounds, lights, odors or any other display items must not be distracting.
  • Any project with a component that will be demonstrated by the Finalist may be demonstrated only within the confines of the Finalist’s booth. When not being demonstrated, the component plus the project may not exceed allowed dimensions.
  • No food or drinks, except small containers of bottled water or those items purchased at the exhibit hall, are allowed in the exhibit hall.
  • NO FOOD or drink purchased off site is allowed in Scheman or Hilton! Any student or school found with such food or drink in Scheman or Hilton will be removed from the building. If this becomes more of problem the SSTFI may be asked to leave and unable to utilize these facilities in the future!

Please be respectful of other students projects -- any student or person caught tampering with or being destructive to another project will lead to immediate removal from the grounds and in the case that it is another exhibitor they will be disqualified from competition.