2017 SSTFI Results

April 3, 2017

A panorama of the Junior High Awards ceremony at 2017 SSTFI.

The results are in for the 2017 SSTFI.  SSTFI is the Iowa 4-H program for student research. You will find the results in the attached spreadsheet. Thank you to all the students, teachers, parents, volunteer judges, and sponsors for the team effort. The SSTFI family continues to provide this critical experience for our youth. You may not know, but SSTFI addresses the Next Generation Science Standards' call for students to engage in actual science research. The students are already planning for the 2018 SSTFI. You may not be aware how their research process works if you didn't attend SSTFI and talk to the researchers. 

The work they do isn't at all what you may have learned as the scientific method. Students are now wrestling with the questions they will ask for their next year's research. Once they dive into that research, they will go through an iterative process. This process helps them refine, refocus, and recycle their scientific claims and evidence to get to answers that they then will share next year at SSTFI 2018. This year featured projects that helped expand understanding on chemotherapy resistance in cancer cells, improving water quality in Iowa using biochar filters, and changing bias with education. This research can be on a par with college students and, in some cases, professionals. This research is a great example of the 4-H model that centers on youth choice that is supported by caring, adult mentors. The SSTFI experience is one of the largest 4-H learning communities in Iowa.


2017 Results 2017 SSTFI Results for Publication.xls