2017 Soil Health Conference | Posters

  1. Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics of Tree Windbreaks in the U.S. Great Plains
    Ala Khaleel, Tom Sauer and John Tyndall

  2. Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application on Corn Residue Decomposition in Iowa
    Mahdi Al-Kaisi and David Kwaw-Mensah

  3. Biochar Aging Impacts on Plant Available Water and Water Use Efficiency
    Deborah Aller, David Laird and Samuel Rathke

  4. Comparison of Soil Microbial Biomass and Microbial Community Structure among Agricultural Soils and Similarly Mapped Untilled Soils in Native Vegetation
    Donna Brandt and Stuart Miller.

  5. Does Landscape Position or Long-Term Cover-Cropping Have a Greater Effect on Soil Health?
    Elaine V. Jordan, Bradley A. Miller and Michael J. Castellano

  6. Comparison of labile nitrogen and carbon measurements to assess soil health in Wisconsin
    Greg Richardson, Matt Ruark, Megan Chawner, Erica Olson and Amber Radatz

  7. Exploring Soil Health and Agronomic Impacts of Cover Crops: On-Farm Results
    Iowa Learning Farms and Iowa Cover Crop Working Group

  8. Using a Cereal Rye Cover Crop to Improve Soil Health in a Corn Silage – Soybean Cropping System in Iowa
    T.C. Kaspar, E.B. Moore, M. Wiedenhoeft, M. Shipitalo, Ben Knutson, Keith Kohler, Jaxon Goedken, and C.A. Cambardella

  9. Wisconsin Dairy vs. Grain Rotations: How Big Are the Differences In Soil Health?
    Kalyn Diederich, Kavya Krishnan, Erin Silva and Matthew D. Ruark

  10. Examining The Effect of Cover Crop Treatments on Potentially Mineralizable Nitrogen
    Kavya Krishnan, Matthew D. Ruark and Jaimie R. West

  11. In-field Management of Corn Cob and Residue Mix: Effect on soil Greenhouse gas Emissions
    Mahdi Al-Kaisi and Carlos Tenesaca

  12. Using Tea Bag Decomposition to Assess Soil Health in the Midwest
    Marshall McDaniel, Stefan Gailans, Sarah Carlson, David Kwaw-Mensah and Mahdi Al-Kaisi

  13. Corn Residue Removal Effects on Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    Jose Guzman and Mahdi Al-Kaisi

  14. Growing-season Soil Health Parameters in Biofuel Cropping Systems
    Mostafa Ibrahim and Michael Thompson

  15. Winter Cover Crop and Termination Time Not Affecting Bean Yield
    Ray Kruse, Michael Castellano, Kristina Craft, Matthew Helmers, Carl Pederson, and Rebecca Roberts

  16. Predicted Impacts of Heavy Metals in Soils Downwind of the City of Ames Power Plant
    Rebecca A. Baldwin-Kordick, Elaine V. Jordan, Hannah L. Hoglund, John M. Marino and C. Lee Burras

  17. Productivity of cover crops and primary crops in Nebraska corn-soybean systems
    Roger Elmore, Katja Koehler-Cole, Charles A. Francis, Charles A. Shapiro, and Humberto Blanco

  18. Interseeding cover crops into corn
    Angela M. Bastidas and Roger W. Elmore

  19. Missouri Cover Crop Crop Share Program Provides Baseline Soil Health Data for Row-Cropped Fields for Much of the State
    Russell Dresbach and Donna Brandt

  20. Fall Cover Crops in Dairy Production: Who wins, who loses?
    Jaimie West, and Matthew Ruark

  21. Nematode Community Structure in Barley Crop Sequences
    Andy Burkhardt, Shabeg Briar, Pat Carr, Jack Martin, Shova Mishra, Liz Elmore, Megan Getz, Traci Hoogland and Jamie Sherman

  22. Biodiversity and soil nutrient levels impact invasive species establishment in former cropland restored to tallgrass prairie
    Rebecca Bevans and Craig R. Allen

  23. Effect of soil organic matter on soil critical stress
    Xuewen Chen, Richard M. Cruse, Shuang Niu and Xingyi Zhang

  24. The Daily Erosion Project: An Overview
    Tim Sklenar, Rick Cruse, Brian Gelder, David James, Daryl Herzmann and Claudette Sandoval-Green

  25. retaiN: Giving farmers the tools to test for, understand and retain their nitrogen
    Catherine DeLong and Jamie Benning

  26. Iowa Water Center
    Richard Cruse, Melissa Miller and Hanna Bates