2016 Soil Health Conference | Posters

  1. Establishment of Perennial Groundcovers for Corn-Based Bioenergy Production Systems
    Cynthia Bartel, Andrew Lenssen, Ken Moore, David Laird, Sotirios Archontoulis

  2. Nebraska Sare, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NRCS and Progressive Farmers Cooperate to Provide Education and Evaluation of Cover Crops and Soil Health
    Gary Lesoing, Mary Drewnoski, Roger Elmore, Paul Hay, Paul Jasa, Nathan Mueller, Randy Pryor

  3. (3rd Place) The Impact of Litter Quality in Soil Organic Carbon Stabilization 
    S.C. Cordova., M. Castellano, D.C. Olk

  4. Tillage Effects on Soil Organic Matter Content 
    Deborah Aller

  5. Integrating Soil Carbon Stabilization Concepts and Nitrogen Cycling 
    Hanna J. Poffenbarger, John Sawyer, Daniel Barker, Daniel Olk, Johan Six, and Michael J. Castellano

  6. How Do Agronomic Management Practices Affect Soil Nitrogen Mineralization? A Meta-analysis. 
    Navreet K. Mahal, Fernando E. Miguez, Michael J. Castellano

  7. Crop Diversity, via Rotations, Increase Soil Health 
    Marshall McDaniel, Stuart Grandy

  8. (2nd Place) Tillage and Crop Rotation Effects on an Ultra-Labile Soil Carbon Pool 
    VE Scott, M.M. Al-Kaisi, M. A. Tabatabai

  9. Corn Residue Removal Effects on Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emission 
    Jose G. Guzman, Mahdi Al-Kaisi

  10. Building Soil Health for Sustainable Agricultural Systems 
    Mahdi Al-Kaisi , Ohene Akuoku, David Kwaw-Mensah

  11. Soil Health Tests – Economics and Feasibility of Implementation 
    Carlos Tenesaca, Renuka Mathur

  12. (1st Place) Gross Ammonification in Corn is Influenced by Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Management Strategy 
    William Osterholz, Michael Castellano, Matt Liebman

  13. Potentially Mineralizable Nitrogen as a Soil Health Indicator in a Long-Term Agroecosystem Research Site
    Kristen S. Veum, Robert J. Kremer, Kenneth A. Sudduth, Newell R. Kitchen

  14. Managing Disease Risk When Cover Cropping Before Corn
    Matthew Bakker, Jyotsna Acharya, Tom Moorman, Alison Robertson, Tom Kaspar

  15. Nitrogen and Carbon Saturation along a Restored Prairie Chronosequence
    Shane Bugeja, Michael Castellano

  16. Integrating Cover Crops and Reduced Tillage for Soil Health and Productivity Improvement of Corn Silage
    Francisco Arriaga, Laura Adams, Michael Bertram

  17. What Motivates Farmers to Apply Phosphorus at the "Right" Time?
    Wendong Zhang, Robyn Wilson, Elizabeth Burnett, Elena Irwin, Jay Martin

  18. Evaluating Multi-Species Cover Crops for Forage Production
    DeAnn Presley, Cathryn Davis, Gretchen Sassenrath, Jaymelynn Farney

  19. Corn and Soil Response to Biochar Application and Stover Harvest
    Natalia Rogovska, Chumki Banik, David A. Laird, Mark D. Tomer, Douglas L. Karlen, Rivka Fidel

  20. Soil Quality, What is it and Why is it Important?
    Vincent K. Avornyo