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NRCS Can Help You Manage Your Iowa Acreage

Whether you are a new acreage owner or have enjoyed a lifetime in the country, chances are you are one of the many acreage landowners who have never heard of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. While we help farmers with larger scale conservation issues and livestock management concerns, many of the same principles can be applied at the acreage level.

Under Iowa Law, Good Neighbors Must Sometimes Build Good Fences

We often receive questions at CALT about Iowa fence law and the obligations it imposes on landowners. This article provides a brief overview of Iowa Code § 359A. Although fences located fully within the boundaries of a city are subject to municipal law, it is important to note that Iowa fence law applies whether or not farming is conducted on the land.

Properly Pruning Trees During Winter Months

At this stage of winter, trees on Iowa’s landscape are still months from blooming and providing shade, which makes this the prime time of the year to give trees a tune-up with pruning. Using proper pruning techniques avoids harming trees. Here are some tips from horticulturists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach on the proper way to prune trees in winter.

Utilizing Goats for Brush Control

Even the smallest timber stands or neglected pasture on an acreage can include unwanted brush. Management of the brush can be time-consuming, expensive and include chemicals which include restrictions, environmental concerns, etc. Some rural residents are utilizing a biological control method for brush – goats!


Agroforestry on the Farm: Elderberry

Elderberry grows wild throughout the eastern United States, as well as the Midwest, and can be seen along roadsides and rivers. It thrives in moist areas and can be grown in riparian situations. Elderberry is also referred to as a "superfruit' due to its high level of antioxidants and associated health benefits.