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USDA Announces 2019 Market Facilitation Program

The USDA announced on May 23, 2019, that there will be a second Market Facilitation Program in 2019. This comes on the heels of the $12 billion MFP program implemented in 2018. The USDA announcement states that the administration is allocating up to $16 billion for the 2019 program, with up to $14.5 billion of that money used for direct payments to producers.

Selling to Retailers, Foodservice and Restaurants

Producers currently selling directly to consumers through roadside stands, Community Supported Ag (CSAs), or farmers' markets may be interested in establishing relationships with retailers or foodservice distributors, as well. Distributors provide access to larger markets that do not routinely trade with producers. They also provide transportation and storage facilities that might be cost-prohibitive for producers. Producers can then reach a larger customer base that would be impractical by themselves.
Distributor considerations.