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Pruning Landscape Trees

Landscape trees need proper care and management throughout their lives, and one of the most important tree management practices is pruning. When done properly, pruning can improve the health and structure of trees, and provide a safer environment for people, pets, and property. Pruning is more than just indiscriminately removing branches. Proper pruning includes knowing which branches to remove, when to do it, and how to minimize damage to the tree.

What is Chinese Chestnut?

Chinese chestnut (Castanea mollissima) is a deciduous tree that produces edible nuts in September and October.  This is a different species from the American chestnut that was decimated last century by a fungal canker blight that essentially eliminated it from the eastern U.S. forests.  In Iowa Chinese chestnuts are grown more frequently in the southern half of the state.

Agroforestry on the Farm: Black Walnuts

This article is part of a series in perennial crops for an acreage and is reprinted with permission from Trees Forever. The entire guide features landowners interviewed to solicit feedback on their management practices, producution data, pricing information, critical issues to success and some tips for others that might be interested in getting started with a perennial crop.