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Feeding Management of Horses

Anatomically, the horse’s stomach is small thus the digestive tract is designed to accommodate small meals. In fact, free-ranging horses will spend 60-70% of their time-consuming small amounts of forage several times a day. Learn more about horses feeding patterns in this article. 


Fencing for Horses

One major investment for a horse farm are installation and upkeep of fences. The fence should be safe and keep horses on the property. Fencing decisions should be based on the age of the animal, breed and temperament of the animal, production system, and situation.


Winter Care of Horses

Horses are popular animals on Iowa acreages. Do you know your horse's needs during the cold winter months? A horse’s adaptation to cold weather is either acute (immediate) or chronic (long-term).The immediate response of a horse to a sudden change in temperature is to change its behavior.