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It's Time to Cover your Soil

As the 2017 growing season slowly winds down, Iowa landscapes will soon be exposed to high velocity winds, rainfall (hopefully), and cold temperatures. Leaving our land and soil exposed to such environmental conditions elevates the risk of eroding our top soil. Now is the time to plant cover crops.

Managing Soil pH in Horticultural Crops

Iowa soils are very diverse and so are the chemical characteristics that make up these soils.  Soil pH is one property that can vary widely across the state both naturally and due to crop production inputs.  It is also one of the most cost effective and easy to manage soil properties that can be modified to improve plant health and crop production. 


Soil Health for Vegetable Crops

The term “soil health” has been generating a lot of buzz as we explore options to develop sustainable vegetable production systems. From the standpoint of soil, there are three main categories of soil health indicators: chemical, physical and biological. All three indicators are critical for optimum soil health and influence various functions.