Online Training Helps Local Food Producers Keep Up with Iowa Food Regulations, Licensing and Food Safety for Home Food Production

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Shannon Coleman
assistant professor in food science and human nutrition and
human sciences extension specialist
Iowa State University


Iowans who make and sell foods out of their homes or sell produce at farmers markets need to follow state laws that regulate these practices. They can stay up-to-date with online training on Iowa's food safety regulations and basic preparation practices. The Home-based Food Operators Regulations and Food Safety Course now is available online 24/7 from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

This training's intended audiences are exempt home food operations and home bakers who make and sell foods out of their homes or sell produce at farmers markets. The course is available on the learning management system Moodle and includes recorded lectures, interactive activities, and exclusive resources. The course covers Iowa policies, food safety basics, foodborne pathogens, acceptable non-perishable foods, and safe production and preparation practices for local food producers.

Iowa has unique laws that do allow for some foods to be sold out of the home or at a farmers market. The online modules have been tailored specifically to Iowa's policies and also include food safety information that can be used in production and at the point of sale.

Interested food operators may register online at*.

The training cost is $35. Interested operators also may contact Coleman at or 515-294-9011 to register or for more information.

Date of Publication: 
January, 2021