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green gram Green and Black Gram Breeding Program Introduces Crop to Iowa
March, 2019

A new breeding program at Iowa State University is helping farmers looking to diversify their production system. The program, which is being overseen by Arti Singh, adjunct assistant professor in agronomy at Iowa State, is exploring the ways green gram and black gram can be used to accelerate productivity and profitability.

bat house Woodworking for Wildlife
March, 2019

There seem to be no limits to the creative capacity of nature lovers, so one can find design specifications for structures for anything from a turtle to an osprey. Many different shapes, sizes, and designs are available for ‘bird houses’. Boxes for secondary cavity nesters also come in all shapes and sizes to target dozens of species in Iowa.

radon testing Radon – Invisible Threat
March, 2019

It has been 30 years since Iowans started talking about radon gas. Awareness has increased greatly, but the risk still exists. So let’s have a quick reminder discussion about radon.

flower garden Registration Open for Fall Master Gardener Training
March, 2019

Celebrating its 40th year in Iowa, the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Master Gardener program will hold its core training sessions this fall for individuals interested in becoming Master Gardener volunteers.

podcast Looking for Even More Info? We have a Podcast!
March, 2019

The Small Farms program at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach offers a monthly podcast to those interested in all things small farm. Listen in!

broccoli Hollow Stem in Broccoli
March, 2019

In Iowa broccoli is typically planted early to mid-April and harvested mid-to-late June. Given the time of harvest it is often challenging to preserve the quality of broccoli in open fields. One of the major challenges growers face with broccoli is the ‘hollow stem’.