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Grain wagon Remember to Share Iowa Roads This Fall
September, 2019

There is an increase in farm vehicle traffic on Iowa roadways during harvest. So, it is not surprising that this is the time of year when there are also more agricultural collisions on highways and county roads. Because all Iowans share the same roads, it helps to know what to look for. 

Cutting wood Fall Chores on an Acreage
September, 2019

Fall brings with it pleasant temperatures, beautiful leaves and harvest season. It also brings with it the realization that the next season to arrive is winter. Completing fall chores around the acreage will help transition your small farm or acreage into winter.

Cows in pasture Pastureland Grazing Publication Describes Iowa Grazing Practices
September, 2019

In an effort to help Iowa beef producers remain profitable, Iowa Beef Center conducted several grazing and pasture management programs from 2013 to 2018. This six-page publication summarizes the findings of that evaluation to determine the changes in Iowa’s pasture management and to look at the effectiveness of IBC’s various pasture programs.

Horses in pasture Prepare Your Horses and Facilities for Winter
September, 2019

Winter is right around the corner and planning ahead can benefit your horse and prevent difficult repairs when the snow and cold winds are blowing.

Raking leaves Answers to Common Fall Lawn Care Questions
September, 2019

Every year we seem to get the same questions from the public on lawn care, specifically this time of year when people are disappointed in how their yard held up. While not all of these questions will fit your yard, some of them might. It is our goal that these points help address those questions, and give the knowledge to have a successful growing season. 

Rainwater catchment system Addressing Challenges of Rainwater Catchment Systems for Produce Irrigation
September, 2019

Rainwater as an irrigation source is continuing to grow in popularity across Iowa. Since Shawn Shouse and Linda Naeve of Iowa State University designed their first high tunnel catchment system in 2010, the system designs and intricacies have expanded to ever-larger volumes of water collected, collection from other buildings, and diverter systems for cleaning physical debris prior to water storage.