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Check FieldWatch® Before Pesticide Applications
May, 2021

Prepare for a safe pesticide application season by checking the FieldWatch® registry before making pesticide applications. The FieldWatch® registry provides easy-to-use, accurate, and secure online tools to enhance communications and awareness between crop producers, beekeepers, and pesticide applicators.FieldWatch® features a voluntary mapping tool through Google Maps™ that shows pesticide applicators the locations of registered sensitive crops and beehives so they can make informed decisions regarding pesticide applications.

Online Food Safety Training for Home-based Food Operators in Iowa
May, 2021

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach offers online training in food safety, food preparation and Iowa regulations designed specifically for cottage food producers – people who prepare foods to be sold out of their home or at a farmers market.

How Many Horses Can Your Pasture Maintain?
May, 2021

Stocking rates provide information on how many horses a pasture can carry in a month. In general the approximate pasture needs per average-sized mature horse, with pasture providing most, if not all, of the nutrition is:

  • 1 -  2 acres with an excellent, dense sod, permanent pasture
  • 2 - 2.5 acres with an average permanent pasture (spring growth will be OK but summer forage is average)
  • 3+ acres with a thin, poor sod that is unmanaged (supplemental forage will likely be needed)
Estimating First Crop Alfalfa Harvest Using PEAQ
May, 2021

The growth and development of alfalfa is affected by many factors, including temperature, soil moisture, stand age and even cultivar. Alfalfa growth has been slower than normal due to cool conditions in April. This is a good reminder that using a calendar date to determine when to harvest the first crop of alfalfa may not the best method. In order to accurately predict the optimal time for the first cutting, the University of Wisconsin developed the Predictive Equations for Alfalfa Quality (PEAQ) method.

Controlling Weeds in the Home Lawn and Garden
May, 2021

Learn about the options for controlling lawn and garden weeds from horticulture specialists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

Iowa Nature Series Provides Fresh Look at Iowa's Outdoors
May, 2021

Explore Iowa's natural world through a series of new publications by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.