Learn the Basics of Lavender Production and Marketing

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lavender in a fieldLavender is a small, aromatic shrub used in the fragrance, specialty-food, and alternative-medicine industries, and it can be a profitable addition to small and medium agriculture operations. This recently updated publication, Lavender Production, Marketing, and Agritourism, discusses geographic and climatic considerations for lavender, soil preparation and cultivation techniques, lavender propagation, and field production.

It also addresses marketing options for lavender, including essential oils, essential-oil distillation, direct marketing of a variety of lavender products, and information and resources about lavender agritourism and value-added lavender products.

There's an added bonus of an extensive list of additional resources.

You can download the publication for FREE at https://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub-summaries/?pub=41.

If you're considering adding an enterprise like lavender production to your operation, you may want to prepare by reading the ATTRA publication, Evaluating a Farming Enterprise.

If you'd like to learn more about agritourism operations, consult the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Visit Iowa Farms program at www.visitiowafarms.org.

You can also receive personalized advice and assistance about lavender and a host of other sustainable agriculture issues by contacting our hotline, 800-346-9140, or email askanag@ncat.org.

Date of Publication: 
January, 2019