Introducing the Small Farm Scoop

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Introducing a new aspect of the Small Farms Program - The Small Farm Scoop!

On a farm or acreage, we all work on projects by trial and error. Projects may not always go as planned or include more bumps in the road than expected. These challenges make finishing a project so rewarding. Why not learn from each other?

This is where the Small Farm Scoop comes in.

We want to hear from you about challenges you’ve overcome or lessons you’ve learned on your small farm or acreage. Simply think of a time when you accomplished a difficult task, learned an important lesson, or overcame a setback that you think would be beneficial to the good of small farmers just like you.

Answer the questions below and email your answers to and your story could be featured on the new blog!


1.    What was the lesson you learned on the farm or acreage?

2.    What task were you trying to accomplish/did you accomplish when you learned this lesson?

3.    How have you used this experience to better your farm or acreage since then?

Date of Publication: 
March, 2017