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2019 Iowa

Aquaculture Conference

If you're interested in aquaculture join The Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers for their hands on workshops! They will be host these workshops at their 2019 Iowa Aquaculture Conference. They will hold this conference in Ames, Iowa on March 22-23, 2019! For more information on the conference and workshops and to register you can visit https://www.supportfarmers.com/event/iowa-aquaculture-conference/.

Sare Feature

Why is soil health so important? More and more, producers are understanding that healthy soils are more productive and lead to healthier crops. Dig into this interactive infographic to learn more about sustainable production practices that can help build healthy soil. Explore the on-farm benefits of using cover crops, crop rotation, manure amendments, composting and more on the complex web of life below the surface of the soil.

Check out this interactive tool on SARE's website!  


Date of Publication: 
January, 2018