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tapped tree Maple Syrup Production

A new publication from ATTRA offers an overview of maple sugaring from business planning to marketing to equipment to regulations and quality control.

grant calculation Value Added Producer Grant

A free learning session will be offered for those interested in applying and learning more about the USDA Value Added Producer Grant program. The learning session will be held Oct. 27 at the Jeff and Deb Hansen Agricultural Student Learning Center, Ames, from 1:30-3 p.m.

grass Answering Your Fall Lawn Care Questions

We talked to turfgrass specialist, Adam Thoms, to answer your most pressing lawn care questions as fall approaches.

retrofitted cattle barn Solving Ventilation Challenges in Calf Production

Raising dairy beef calves has been a challenging, yet rewarding experience. Over the course of the past 16 months raising baby calves, there have been many things that I have learned. There is no system that works for everyone in every situation, but I hope that sharing my experience can help you on your farm.

adding plastic to the greenhouse Learning Something New - Starting Seeds

One reader shares her story of constructing a greenhouse and starting her own seeds for her garden this year. Have something to share with our readers? Drop us a line!

bee hive What's New?

We've added a bee hive to our acreage this year. A few stings later, we are anxiously awaiting our first honey harvest! What's new on your farm?

raspberry twigs Raspberry Patch and Meat Goats

The meat goats have discovered the raspberry bushes.