New Insect Pest to Be Discussed at ISU Extension and Outreach Forum

Southwest Iowa is experiencing a new insect threat, soybean gall midge.  This new insect has been identified in a select number of counties in southwest Iowa this year.  This fly has been observed in northwest Iowa since 2015.  Not much is known about how and why these insects attack soybeans in some fields and not in others.  Join agronomists who have seen the damage first hand for a discussion on current information and observations from previous seasons and in 2018.  Ryan Rusk, farmer and seed dealer from northwest Iowa, will share his experience with these pests.  Dr. Erin Hodgson, Associate Professor at Iowa State University, will share what we currently know and clarify some false information.  The forum will be held Wednesday, September 5th 1:30 P.M. Armstrong Research and Demonstration Farm 53020 Hitchcock Ave., Lewis, Iowa 51544.

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