Science Curriculum & Teaching Kits

Science Curriculum & Teaching Kits  

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         Name of Curriculum and Kit                         
  Approximate Grade  Levels    
 Iowa Core Standards Alignment
      African Plant Explorer(Wonderwise)              Grade 2-5  African Plant Explorer-CCS     
      Animal Antics
      Grade K-2
Animal Antics-CCS                           
      Aquatic Habitats (LHS GEMS)
      Grade 3-7
Aquatic Habitats-CCS         
      Balancing and Weighing
      Grade 2-3
Balancing and Weighing-CCS  
      Bats Incredible!
      Grade 2-4
Bats Incredible-CCS  
      Birds of Prey
      Grade K-5
Birds of Prey-CCS  
      Blood & Guts:The Amazing Human Machine                
      Grade 5-8
Blood & Guts: The Amazing Human Machine-CCS             
      Detective Science
      Grade 3-6
Detective Science-CCS          
      Dig Those Dinosaurs!       Grade K-5 Dig Those Dinosaurs-CCS  
      DNA Extractions
      Grade 5-12
DNA Extractions-CCS  
      Bridges and Structures
      Grade 3-5
Bridges and Structures-CCS  
      Environmental Explorer
      Grade 3-5
Environmental Explorer-CCS  
      Fizz, Bubble, and Goo
      Grade  K-5
Fizz, Bubble, and Goo-CCS  
      Fizz, Bubble, and Goo 2
      Grade 6-8
Fizz, Bubble, and Goo 2-CCS  
      Funtivities: Hands on Math and Science
      Grade 4-8
Funtivities 1-CCS           
Funtivities 2- CCS                     
      Genetics Counselor (Wonderwise)
      Grade 2-5
Genetics Counselor (Wonderwise)-CCS  
      Geology Rocks
      Grade K-5
Geology Rocks-CCS  
      Grade 3-6
      Growing in the Garden - Plants
      Grade K-3
Growing in the Garden-Plants-CCS  
      Growing in the Garden - Insects
      Grade 1-4
Growing in the Garden - Insects-CCS  
      Habitats and Biomes
      Grade K-5
Habitats and Biomes-CCS  
      Insectaganza          Grade 1-6 Insectaganza-CCS  
      Invent STEM       Grade 4-12 Invent Stem-CCS  
      Kitchen Science for Kids
      Grade K-5
Kitchen Science for Kids-CCS  
      Grade K-5
      Magic Bubbles
      Grade K-5
Magic Bubbles-CCS  
      Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gases
      Grade 1-3
Matter Solids, Liquids, & Gases-CCS  
      Mostly Magnets
      Grade K-5
Mostly Magnets-CCS  
      Ocean Currents (LHS GEMS)
      Grade 5-8
Ocean Currents-CCS  
      Parasite Sleuth (Wonderwise)
      Grade 2-5
Parasite Sleuth-CCS  
      PhD Doctor of Science
      Grade K-5
PhD Doctor of Science-CCS  
      Pollen Detective (Wonderwise)
      Grade 2-5
Pollen Detective-CCS  
      Professor H20
      Grade K-5
Professor H20-CCS  
      Rainforest Ecology (Wonderwise)
      Grade 2-5
Rainforest Ecology-CCS  
      Reptiles and Amphibians
      Grade K-5
Reptiles and Amphibians-CCS  
      River Cutters (LHS GEMS)
      Grade 6-12
River Cutters-CCS  
      Rocks to Ice Cream
      Grade K-3
Rocks to Ice Cream-CCS  
      Science Mystery Festival (LHS GEMS)
      Grade 2-8
Science Mystery Festival-CCS  
      Sea Otter Biologist (Wonderwise)
      Grade 2-8
Sea Otter Biologist-CCS  
      Secret Formulas (LHS GEMS)
      Grade K-3
Secret Formulas-CCS  
      Seed Secrets
      Grade K-5
Seed Secrets-CCS  
      Simple Machines
      Grade K-5
Simple Machines-CCS  
      Space Geologist (Wonderwise)
      Grade 2-5
Space Geologist-CCS  
      Space - Our Solar System
      Grade K-5
Space-Our Solar System-CCS  
      Space - The Universe
      Grade K-5
Space-The Universe-CCS  
      STEM Lit To Go
    STEM Lit To Go II
      Grade K-3
      Grade K-3
STEM Lit to Go 1-CCS
      Team Science
      Grade 6-8
Team Science-CCS  
      The Magic School Bus
      Grade K-4
The Magic School Bus-CCS  
      Urban Ecologist (Wonderwise)
      Grade 2-5
Urban Ecologist-CCS  
      Vet Detective (Wonderwise)
      Grade 2-5
Vet Detective-CCS  
      Wonderful Worms
      Grade K-5
Wonderful Worms-CCS  
      World of Winter
      Grade K-5
World of Winter - CCS  


Science Curriculum (no teaching kits)


    4-H Youth Experiences in Science                       
    Grade K-2       
    A Crime, A Clue and Biotechnology  
    Grade 6-8
    Biotechnology       Grade 4-5
    Biotechnology       Grade 5-8
    Exploring the Universe       Grade K-12
    Grade 4-8
    National 4-H Aerospace Curriculum  
    Grade K-12
    NEW: Nature, Energy, Water  
    Grade 4-9
    Grade 3-12
Non-Science Curriculum and Teaching Kits


   Name of Curriculum and Kit    Approximate Grade  Levels      
 Iowa Core Standards Alignment
    A Palette of Fun                                                   A Palette of Fun-CCS
    A Palette of Fun II Art History      Grade 3-6 A Palette of Fun II Art History-CCS
    Acres of Adventure      Grade K-5 Acres of Adventure-CCS
    Art-Lit TO GO!      Grade K-3 Art-Lit TO GO! -CCS
    Brain Food Brain Food-CCS
    Build It! Festival (LHS GEMS) Build It! Festival (LHS GEMS)-CCS
    Cooperation Station Coming Soon!
    Disabilities Disabilities-CCS
    Discover Asia Discovering Asia-CCS
    Fables and Folktales Fables and Folktales-CCS
    Food Origins Food Origins-CCS
    Frog Math (LHS GEMS) Frog Math (LHS GEMS)-CCS
    Ice Breakers and Group Games Ice Breakers and Games-CCS
    Investigating Artifacts (LHS GEMS) Investigating Artifacts(LHS GEMS)-CCS
    Kids in the Kitchen Kids in the Kitchen-CCS
    People & Places: Cultures Around the World          People & Places: Cultures Around the World-CCS   
    Primarily Logic Primarily Logic-CCS
    ReCharge Recharge-CCS
    Teambuilding Teambuilding-CCS
    Who Am I? Who Am I-CCS
Non-Science Curriculum (no teaching kits)


    Clover Kids Curriculum                                             Grade K-3 
    Communications Toolkit      Grade 6-12
    Cut the Fat-Keep the Flavor
     Grade 6-12
    Going Places, Making Choices      Grade 9-12   
    Health Rocks!      Grade 3-6
    Issues Investigation      Grade 4-8
    My Money, Myself      Grade 3-6
    Raising Credit Smart Kids
     Grade 1-6
    WOW! (Wild Over Work)
     Grade K-6
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