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Clover Kids Enrollment (Grades K-3)

Enrollment or re-enrollment in Clover Kids (Grades K-3) is done online. A $10 membership fee is required to complete the enrollment process.

What is Clover Kids

4-H Clubs Enrollment (Grades 4-12)

Note: Enrollments are now entered through 4hOnline by 4-H families. The new 4-H year starts September 1st, therefore online enrolling will not be open until that date.

Enrollment deadline for returning members is December 1st, 4:30 p.m. Submission of $45.00 development fee to the Scott County Extension Office by December 1st, 4:30 pm. is required in order to complete the enrollment process.

Enrollment deadline for new members is May 15th. Submission of $45.00 development fee to the Scott County Extension Office by May 15th. is required in order to complete the enrollment process.

4H Online 2.0 Enrollment Program

4-H Online Instructions

4-H Project Areas


Are you an Iowa 4-H'er planning to attend college? The Iowa 4-H Foundation knows it's not easy to finance a college education, and we know that many Iowa 4-H'ers can use help achieving their educational goals. Consider applying for an Iowa 4-H Scholarship, funded by donors through the Iowa 4-H Foundation.

Designed to encourage Iowa 4-H members to continue their education beyond high school, our current scholarship program offers over 90 scholarships worth more than $100,000. Scholarships range in value from $500 to $10,000. Thank you to the donors who make these scholarships possible! Read about the scholarships available

4-H Scott County Only Scholarships 

Gerald Boldt Memorial Scholarships (two awarded)

Gerald Boldt Memorial Trade School Scholarship (one awarded)

Coussens Family Foundation Scholarships (two awarded)

John Kundel Scholarships (two awarded) - (Due March 31st)

Scott County Only Scholarship

Scott County Soil & Water Conservation District Scholarships

More Information About The Scott County Soil & Water Conservation District Scholarships 

Scholarship Announcement

Conservation Scholarship Rules

Eastern Iowa Only Scholarship

Dorothy Klindt Memorial Scholarship

Iowa 4-H Foundation Scholarships

Iowa 4-H Foundation Scholarships

Scott County Cattlemen's Association Scholarship


Club Meeting Activity Ideas/Plans

This page contains activity plans and ideas for 4-H club meetings. If you need assistance finding or choosing an activity or locating supplies for an activity, contact the Scott County Extension and Outreach office.

Building a Vibrant Club Activities

The following activities are part of the "Building a Vibrant Club" meeting model. Club meetings are split into four parts: Welcome, Education, Recreation, and Business.


Activities by Topic

Below are activities organized by topic. Most of the activities are "On the Go" Lessons which were originally designed for members to complete at home, but can be easily adapted for a club meeting.

Agriculture & Natural Resources
Animal Science
Leadership & Civic Engagement
Communication & the Arts
Healthy Living


Below are other activity collections that contain lots of activities that can be used at a club meeting. 


The following are other activities and lessons that can be used in a 4-H club meeting. Most of these resources would work best as a series over several club meetings, doing one or two activities from the resource at each club meeting and continuing the next meeting. Individual, one-off activities can be taken from each resource also. 

Virtual Meeting Resources


Activity Ideas
  • Member presentations. Encourage your members to give a presentation that they wouldn't have been able to at a normal meeting (e.g. barn tour, cooking demonstration, etc.) 
  • Enroll in 4hOnline
  • Go online shopping together as a club or in virtual breakout rooms for an Adopt-A-Family or other holiday giving program 
  • Write letters to a local nursing home   
  • Scavenger hunt around the house—Have of common household items and see how quickly the kids can locate them. List items off one at a time. There are lots of list ideas out there, if you just Google “At Home Scavenger Hunt” but here a few I like...
  • Science Experiment: Can Kids Hear Things that Adults Can't?
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • “Chopped” Virtual Cooking challenge: Have everyone grab an ingredient from the kitchen without telling them anything else. Then, have everyone work together to come up with a dish/meal that could be made including all of the ingredients that were grabbed.
  • Photography challenge: Have everyone go and take a picture(s) related to a topic
  • Mini Extemporaneous Speech challenge: Give everyone a broad topic (e.g. Meat Goats) and give them 10-15 minutes to research to prepare a 3-5 minute speech about Meat Goats. Challenge everyone to be unique and present information that others won’t.
  • 4-H at Home Lessons (more in-depth activities that will require members to have materials at home.)
Additional Information
  • It is strongly encouraged to not record your meeting (for privacy purposes).
  • Make sure there are at least two adults in attendance.
  • Ask everyone to mute when not speaking.
  • Encourage everyone to turn their video camera on.
  • Sending out an agenda ahead of time can help make things move quicker and more smoothly (and a little less complicated to coordinate). 
  • Plan for time at the beginning and end of the meeting for everyone to just catch up and talk to one another.