Record Book Challenge

4-H Record Book Challenge

Do record books seem too difficult to complete? Not anymore! The 4-H Record Book Challenge is designed to break down the recording process into bite-sized chunks! Each weekly challenge completed will enter your name into a prize raffle! Tune in each Friday on our Facebook Extension Page for that week's challenge! The challenge will begin August 25th! Youth can jump in anytime before October 9th. 🍀📕

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Week #1 (Aug. 25- Aug. 31) - Get Organized

The first challenge is to get your current record book organized. Doing this now will make the next challenges much easier! New Members, stop into the extension office for a record book starter kit!

Week #2 (Sept. 1-Sept. 7) - The Cover Page

The second challenge is to create your Cover Page! Your Cover Page lets your readers know who you are. It's also a great way to see how you've changed throughout your 4-H years! 

Week #3 (Sept. 8- Sept 14) – 4-H Story

The third challenge is to create your 4-H Story! This is a great way to say a little bit about you and your 4-H involvement.

Week #4 (Sept. 15- Sept. 21) – Club Program/Yearly Summary

The fourth challenge is to complete your Club Program. Let us know who is in your club program and a plan of your meetings. Next is the Yearly Summary. This a great way to keep track of your involvements and accomplishments during that year on our 4-H Participation Summary Form found on the extension Record Keeping Page!

Week #5 (Sept. 22-28) - Project Records

The fifth challenge is to complete your Project Records! Fair projects are a big part of the fair, we know Project Records might seem scary but don’t forget your resources, US! Let us know if we can help!

Week #6 (Sept. 29- Oct. 6) –Self Evaluation & Final Touches

The sixth challenge is an optional Self Evaluation! This one is short and sweet! Self Evaluations are a great place to reflect on your record keeping skills and project participation. The questions are designed to guide you and help you! Don't forget to add the finishing touches to your record book! Take one last look through and make sure you’re not missing anything!

Hooray - You're Done!

Congratulations on completing your record book! The final step is to turn it in! You can do this by giving it to your 4-H club leader at your October meeting or by dropping it off at the Extension Office on or before October 9! By turning in your record book, you will get TWO additional entries into the prize raffle! Good luck, winners will be announced at Awards Night!

Questions? Reach out to the Extension Office at or 712-662-7131!