Rising Star Internship

Be part of a team.

Experience the life a Rising Star.

This is a paid internship for eligible Iowa State University students. Teams of three work under the supervision of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach regional directors and staff during mid May through early August. Teams are housed in different regions of Iowa working with not-for-profit organizations, local food systems, families, agencies, and/or community and economic development organizations.

Goals of the Rising Star Internship Program

  • Apply academic knowledge in work settings
  • Examine personal career interests
  • Assess one’s professionalism attributes
  • Summarize ISU Extension and Outreach career opportunities

As a Rising Star intern, you'll be preparing yourself for successful employment after graduation. You'll apply and integrate your academic knowledge and theoretical concepts in a work setting. You'll develop and increase your knowledge about your abilities, goals, and career interests. Take a greater responsibility of your education and life by developing more self-reliance, personal styles, values, and beliefs in a manner consistent with becoming a responsible and productive individual. We'll provide you with experience in the discipline and discriminatory use of evidence in making decisions and solving problems in a work setting. You'll expand your awareness of the world beyond the ISU campus by exposing you to a variety of careers available through ISU Extension and Outreach. Join us.

Applications currently closed.

Before applying, be prepared to submit a resume with two references, cover letter, and an essay. The essay should be 600 word (or less) addressing your reasons for applying, what your past experiences (employment, education, volunteer work, and otherwise) will bring to the internship, what you hope to gain from the internship, and how this internship will support your professional and educational goals.

ISU Student Eligibility

  • You must be in good academic standing to apply for and participate in this internship. Accumulative GPA of at least 2.5 is required.
  • Must be an Iowa State University undergraduate sophomore, junior, or senior the fall semester following the summer internship in the Colleges of Human Sciences, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, or Design.
  • You may receive academic credit providing this has been arranged with your college. These arrangements are your responsibility. You will pay the appropriate tuition if the internship is being completed for academic credit.
  • Letters of intent must be signed and returned.
  • You must pass necessary background screenings. This process is done as soon as a letter of intent is signed.

Students receive $12/hour for 480 hours (mid May- early August). Housing is provided. You are expected to live in the housing provided. You must have ready access to dependable transportation. Carpooling is expected when possible. You will be reimbursed for mileage at the rate allowed by the IRS.

Printable brochure

Questions? ISU Extenson and Outreach regional director supervisors:

Cheryl Heronemus - Region 1
Cell 712-240-2472  hero@iastate.edu

Donovan Olson - Region 3
Cell 641-512-1750  donovano@iastate.edu

Sherry McGill, Region 5
Cell 712-539-1059  mcgills@iastate.edu

Janet Smith, Region 20
Cell 319-325-2051  jansmith@iastate.edu

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