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Past CIN Programs
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  • the April 2009 session "Vitamin D: Sunshine or Supplement?"
  • the November 2009 session "Appetite, Satiety, and Body Weight Regulation"
  • the April 2010 session "The Good Gut Bugs: Prebiotics and Probiotics"
  • the November 2010 session " Where Does Your Food Come From and Does it Matter?"
  • the April 2011 session "Shake the Salt: New Sodium Recommendations and Implications"
  • the November 2011 session "The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Science behind the Recommendations and Applications for Nutrition Education"
  • the May 2012 session "Integrating Regional Food System Work in Nutrition Education and Outreach"
  • the May 2013 session "The Affordable Healthcare Act for Professionals and the Public"
  • the May 2015 session "Are Fats Back in Fashion? - Fads versus Science"

These sessions will be available until the content is deemed no longer relevant. All presentations and Q&A sessions are archived for viewing at your leisure. 

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