Public Employees Leadership Institute

The Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), in collaboration with Iowa's city and county government representatives, is working to develop the Public Employees Leadership Institute, a training program designed to create better leaders and supervisors for Iowa's public agencies.

What is the Institute?

The Institute is based on the APWA Public Works Institute, though it has been modified to be used with both city and county personnel. APWA members will be able to achieve APWA certification through the Academy, but by modifying the course offerings, state and county employees will have a chance to participate as well.

Fifteen core Institute modules are available::

"We see this as an educational forum for cities and counties who don't have the opportunity to provide training for people who are moving up through their agency or who simply want to move into other leadership positions," says Brent Hodne, superintendent of Public Works for the City of West Des Moines and member of the Institute's steering committee.

How and when will the courses be offered?

Funding for travel and overnight stays is limited for most agencies, making it difficult for workers to attend training sessions outside of their city or county. The Institute will address this issue by making its courses available using an online system called Moodle. The online system will allow participants to complete the modules at their own pace and when it is convenient.

Who should participate?

The Institute is geared toward current first-line supervisors and up, as well as those aspiring to become leaders within the profession. Additionally, other public employees may choose to complete just one or two modules that have a direct impact on their particular job roles.

For more information

For more information about the Institute, contact LTAP Representative and steering committee member Keith Knapp, 515-294-8103,

For more information about online registration and courses, contact Registration Services at 515-294-6222 or