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ISU Extension and Outreach Program Evaluation Manager

Keli Tallman 

Keli Tallman is ISU Extension and Outreach’s Program Development and Evaluation Manager.  She has worked with ISU Extension and Outreach for the last 23 years.  Keli brings tremendous experience in assessment and evaluation of educational programs, while building program evaluation capacity of individuals, teams, organizations and communities. Her years of program development and evaluation experience will strengthen the mobilization of partnerships, resources and research to support ISU Extension and Outreach professionals' engagement in quality program development and evaluation practices and methods.


Iowa State University Extension and Outreach professionals build a strong Iowa by actively engaging in quality program development and evaluation to ensure research-based programs are educational, needs-driven, and create impact.


Mobilize partnerships, resources, and research to support Iowa State University Extension and Outreach professionals’ engagement in quality program evaluation practices and methods within the context of the program development cycle.


Among ISU Extension and Outreach professionals…

  • Create a positive, engaging, and relevant culture of program evaluation
  • Foster a systemic program development and evaluation infrastructure that enhances capacity, leverages strengths, and promotes scholarly practices
  • Broaden availability of program development and evaluation professional development learning experiences

Anticipated Outcomes

ISU Extension and Outreach professionals will…

  • Articulate how their positions and programs support ISU Extension and Outreach's vision and mission
  • Engage in scholarship by developing research-based programs
  • Implement program evaluation methods within each phase of the program development process
  • Report and market ISU Extension and Outreach program outcomes and impact (private and public value) in support of a strong Iowa

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