Spring 2017 Polishing Presentation Skills Workshops

December 19, 2016

Based on needs identified through the organizational needs assessment conducted in late 2015, Professional Development created the course, Polishing Your Presentation Skills. This fall, several people participated in the course pilot program. Participants worked through the online material and then came together for a day, giving and listening to peers’ presentations. Immediate feedback was provided to presenters. As follow up, each person reviewed a recording of their own presentation, completed a self-evaluation, and shared 3 goals they have for future presentations.

What do your peers have to say about the course?

"It's a learning opportunity that allows you to increase your skills in giving  presentations."

"Good background especially if you have no experience."

"Excellent set of reminders to enhance presentation skills."

Course goals include: to improve an individual’s overall presentation skillset; and to improve the quality of presentations given on behalf of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. Read this Presentation Skills Course Information.pdf for more information such as objectives, time requirements, benefits, etc. Be advised that the start time for these courses begin several weeks before the face-to-face course.

2017 Spring dates/ locations for the face-to-face course include:

  • April 11  ISU 4-H, Extension Building, 1020 (Online portion begins Mar. 28)
  • May 24  Sac County Extension Office (Online portion begins May 10)
  • June 21  Black Hawk County Extension Office (Online portion begins June 7)

Contact the instructors, Robin Brekke, rbrekke@iastate.edu, 515-294-6804 or Dr. Amanda Estey, albakley@iastate.edu, 515-294-7033 for additional information; Linda Young, lindakay@iastate.edu to register.