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Jan. 26 Qualtrics: Skimming the Surface Webinar and PowerPoint Slides

Are you interested in learning about surveys and what Qualtrics is all about? Join Amanda Estey as she gives an overview on what comprises an effective survey, the importance of writing purposeful questions, and how to access/ share the benefits of using Qualtrics as a professional in Extension.

Archived Webinar:

PowerPoint Slides: Qualtrics- Skimming the Surface Webinar .pptx


TedEd Lessons Webinar

Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
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Topic: TedEd lessons

Description: Do you ever utilize an online video with your participants/students and wish you could stop and ask questions along the way? This session will explore different ways you can interject quizzes and polls (a great way to check for understanding).

Presenter: Lori Hayungs  - Human Sciences Specialist, Family Life

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A Meeting of the Minds...and DiSC Style

August 6, 2019

Meetings. They are common in any organization. And to some, are a dreaded necessity - and for good reason. They can feel disorganized, too long, and downright unneeded. But there is hope - meetings can go from dysfunctional to functional!

Consider using your Everything DiSC Workplace assessment results to bridge any gaps between meeting attendees and good communication. Knowing your own DiSC style, and those of your coworkers, helps you to adjust your communication style—and even your meeting structure—to work better for everyone involved.